A selection of the best tools/libs I know !


Cryptography as3Crypto

As3 Crypto is a cryptography library written in Actionscript 3 that provides several common algorithms. This version also introduces a TLS engine (TLS is commonly known as SSL.)

  • Protocols: TLS 1.0 support (partial)
  • Certificates: X.509 Certificate parsing and validation, built-in Root CAs.
  • Public Key Encryption: RSA (encrypt/decrypt, sign/verify)
  • Secret Key Encryption: AES, DES, 3DES, BlowFish, XTEA, RC4
  • Confidentiality Modes: ECB, CBC, CFB, CFB8, OFB, CTR
  • Hashing Algorithms: MD2, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256
  • Paddings available: PKCS#5, PKCS#1 type 1 and 2
  • Other Useful Stuff: HMAC, Random, TLS-PRF, some ASN-1/DER parsing

Debugger Demonsterdebugger
De MonsterDebugger is an open source debugger for Adobe Flash, Flex and AIR. De MonsterDebugger is made in Flex and AIR by design studio De Monsters.

Deep linking Swf Address
Deep linking for Flash and Ajax.
SWFAddress is a small but powerful library that provides deep linking for Flash and Ajax. It’s a developer tool, allowing creation of unique virtual URLs that can point to a website section or an application state. SWFAddress enables a number of important capabilities which are missing in today’s rich web technologies including:
Bookmarking in a browser or social website
Sending links via email or instant messenger
Finding specific content with the major search engines
Utilizing browser history and reload buttons

GPU-accelerated 2D API Starling-framework
Adobe Flash Player 11 brings Flash content to a whole new level. The new Stage3D APIs finally allow Flash developers to leverage the power of modern GPUs, allowing complex 3D games to run directly within the browser.
But what about your existing 2D content? Per default, your 2D applications and games won’t benefit from this new technology — the acceleration comes only through the use of the new APIs. But this is where Starling enters the stage.

Dynamic texture atlas generator Emibap
This tool will convert any MovieClip containing Other MovieClips, Sprites or Graphics into a starling Texture Atlas, all in runtime. It can also register bitmap Fonts from system or embedded regular fonts. By using it, you won’t have to statically create your spritesheets or fonts. For instance, you can just take a regular MovieClip containing all the display objects you wish to put into your Altas, and convert everything from vectors to bitmap textures. Or you can select which font (specifying characters) you’d like to register as a Bitmap Font, using a string or passing a Regular TextField as a parameter. This extension could save you a lot of time specially if you’ll be coding mobile apps with the starling framework.

Charts fusioncharts.com

IDE Flashdevelop
Il existe plusieurs IDE pour faire du Flash, mais rien n’y fait je reviens toujours à FD qui cumule la gratuité et une communauté très dynamique.

Kinect Openkinect
Drivers and libraries for the Xbox Kinect device on WIndows, Linux, and OS X

Leap Motion LeapMotionAS3
This is the AS3 framework for working with the Leap.

Oculus Rift Oculus Ane
Oculus ANE (Adobe Native Extension)
Alpha support for both Mac OSX and Windows. (Support for Away3D).

Math as3Mathlib
This library includes support for :

  • Geometric Objects and Intersection calculations
  • Integral and Differential equation calculations
  • Bezier, Quadric, Polynomial, Complex, Vector and Matrix calculations
  • Symbolic expression parsing

2D physic engine Box2d et World Construction Kit
Box2DFlash is a free 2D physics engine for Flash. It’s a popular choice for making games and toys in.
World Construction Kit is is a toolset / framework for rapidly developing physics based games / websites within the Flash IDE. WCK allows you to layout your 2d worlds / game levels entirely within Flash and have them hook into the physics simulation without writing any code.

2D physic engine Nape
Nape is a powerful, fast, and friendly 2D Rigid Body physics engine for AS3/Haxe. Nape is open-source and free to use for personal and commercial projects. Available for AS3 through .swc libraries and Haxe via haxelib.

3D physic engine Bullet physics
An Adobe AIR Native Extension for the Bullet Physics Simulation Library.
Imbue your AIR mobile and desktop apps with the magic of physics!
Compared with AwayPhysics, Bullet.ane increases performance on mobile apps by an order of magnitude. See a video comparison: http://youtu.be/IH4mrUagA74
Currently written to work with Away3D, but certainly could be made compatible with other Stage3D-based AS3 graphics libraries.
True native implementations are built for iOS (7.0 SDK), iOS Simulator, and Android. All other platforms (which I think is only desktops now that Android is supported, right?) fall back on AwayPhysics, a pure-AS3 implementation of Bullet, meaning the extension will work on all platforms AIR supports.

2D game framework Flashpunk
FlashPunk is a free ActionScript 3 library designed for developing 2D Flash games. It provides you with a fast, clean framework to prototype and develop your games in. This means that most of the dirty work (timestep, animation, input, and collision to name a few) is already coded for you and ready to go, giving you more time and energy to concentrate on the design and testing of your game.
FlashPunk is targeted towards games with 2D bitmap graphics, as opposed to vector graphics. This means that instead of using Flash vectors as sprites, you’ll be working with embedded PNG, JPEG, or GIF sprites.


  • Framerate-independent and fixed-framerate timestep support.
  • Fast & manageable rectangle, pixel, and grid collision system.
  • Helper classes for animations, tilemaps, text, backdrops, and more.
  • Debug console for real-time debugging and information tracking.
  • Sound effect support with volume, panning, and fading/crossfading.
  • Powerful motion tweening for linear, curved, and path-based movement.
  • Z-sorted render lists for easy depth management.
  • Simple keyboard and mouse input state checking.
  • Quick & efficent particle effects and emitters.

Native Extension distriqt.com | Milkman Games | Extension Round Up
We’re really excited about the possibilities of using native extensions in conjunction with Adobe AIR. This really opens up the possibilities of development, especially on mobile devices.
When looking for resources we were a little disappointed on what we found, so wanted to create a central resource to house all the information we could find, ultimately listing all the native extensions available.
If you want to contribute then please let us know, we’d be happy to have you involved.

Particles editor Particles editor
An excellent tool !

PDF Alive pdf
AlivePDF is a client side AS3 PDF generation library for Adobe Flash, Flex and AIR.

Synthesizer SiON
The SiON (pronounced as “scion”) is an ActionScript3 software synthesizer library works on the Flash Player 10.
This provides a simple sound synchronization with DisplayObject and an easy dynamic sound generation. You can generate various sounds without any mp3 files and wave data. The musical sequence is represented as a simple text data “Music Macro Language”. It makes your sounding SWF file very very small.

Augmented reality FLARToolKit
AS3 ported version of ARToolKit.
Actually, FLARToolKit is based on NyARToolkit, Java ported version of ARToolKit.
FLARToolKit recognize the marker from input image. and calculate its orientation and position in 3D world.
You should draw 3D graphics by your own.
But helper classes for major flash 3D engines (Papervision3D, Away3D, Sandy, Alternativa3D) are included.

Augmented reality In2AR
IN2AR is an ActionScript3 and Adobe Native Extension Library that allows you to detect images and estimate their pose using standard webcams/camera’s or mobile cameras. The pose information can be used to place 3D objects and/or videos onto the image and create wonderfull Augmented Reality applications, or to create unique games that can be controlled by movements of your image or phone.

Drag&Drop DraggenDroppen
Drag and drop files from the local file system to Flash.

Loader SomaLoader
SomaLoader is a lightweight loading manager written in AS3. You can load many types such as images, swf, xml, text, xml, css, fonts in a swf, mp3, variables and binary data. Items can be added, removed and changed in position from the queue even while loading.
SomaLoader provides a simple and unique interface for massive loading, to listen to events and access to data.
SomaLoader has some specific features such as targeting before loading, easy loading progress display, caching system and binary loading for “silent loading”.

Tween TweenMax
Deadlines are looming. You’ve got to deliver a swf that looks amazing, packed with lots of whiz-bang effects that run smoothly. No time to reinvent the wheel. You need a reliable ActionScript tool set that helps you live up to your reputation as a Flash Rock Star. Well roll up your sleeves and put on your green sock because you’ve come to the right place. We’ve spent crazy amounts of time obsessing about code so you don’t have to. From tweening to transforming to loading, there are plenty of tools to make you more efficient. Give ‘em a try. They may knock your socks off.

Tween Eaze-Tween
Eaze was designed to:

  • introduce a smartest syntax and event system
  • provide the best performance compromise,with minimal classes quantity and no dependencies.
  • introduce a smartest syntax and event system

The result is a compact (~4Kb raw engine and ~9Kb with all plugins), highly optimized library, with a jQuery-like syntax.

Wave asWavSound
AWS in the slimmest sense simply is a single as3 class. It extends the generic Sound class in Flash and adds support for playing back WAVE data. You don’t need this sound class if you are working with the Flash IDE or Flex Builder, as they convert .wav data directly to Sound objects. The open source SDK compiler however, does not support this feature. But it does now!

Zip FZip
FZip is an Actionscript 3 class library to load, modify and create standard ZIP archives.

Flash – Stage3D Tech Demos






Pixi canvas/webGL rendering
Hammer touch/gesture detection
Howler play sound
jsfxr generate sound at runtime
isMobile mobile/desktop detection
Proton particles
TweenMax tweening
gl-matrix matrix