june 2021

Work In Progress – prototype

Use your keyboard to move and Space Bar to display/hide absolute/relative mini-map.
This experiment has been build with the Gamebuino in mind.
There are a lot of improvement that I would like to work (the computation of visible walls, the “wall slide” movement, and the semi cramp by cramp motion) but even if they are far from perfect ; it’s enough for this prototype.

  • Doors
  • Search a room
  • Puzzle
  • Friendly encounters
  • Dialog
  • Hostile encounter
  • Stats for Hero(es)? & vilain
  • Turn by turn fight system
  • Multiple levels
  • Tool to edit levels

Tis is how i define my walls
0, means 0 “open-wall” ( a closed room)
1, means 1 “open-wall”

4, means 4 “open-wall” (an open room)

Finally my map is a collection of squared rooms, for example a 5-rooms-long-vertical-map is describe as : [0x1,0xA,0xA,0xA,0x3]