november 2015

How to use ANE with Flashdevelop

ANE used in this project BaseMobileTasks-ane
by Devon O. Wolfgang

0:05 create a new AIR project
0:28 adding /ane directory and .ane file to the project
1:00 update bat/packager.bat
1:20 unzip the .ane file and getting his id
1:38 adding ext/ane_id directory (don’t forget to add .ane after pasting the id)
2:15 add extension to application.xml
2:57 checking sdk path
3:05 setting a password to the android self signed certificat
3:18 update bat/RunApp.bat
3:45 generating the certificat
4:05 start using the ANE
4:26 generate the swf
5:17 packaging for android