1) Update from previous windows version just work
I just have to wait my turn, evrything goes fine… and for free.
I was using Win 8.1, I cannot say for win7/vista/xp to win10 update process

2) Start menu
You can choose the number columns and size of the tiles (but not background color ???)

When you hit Win key, the menu open and you can start typing the name of the software

win + eve // lanch evernote
win + photosh // launch photoshop

3) Video recording
You can record your desktop (.mp4)

win+G // launch game tab

I imagine this native video recorder use less ressources than a dedicaded software like fraps and it works evrywhere not only games.

4) Multi desktop
This is a common feature, and now Windows can do it natively

win + ctrl + D // create a new virtual desktop

win + crtl + left/right //navigate between desktops

win + ctrl + F4 // close desktop

Note that alt + tab is still here for each desktop

5) Notification center
Configurable and handy, and yes ou can deactivate it

6) The Edge browser
The landing page is a search field, and you can manage news feed.
(So now, people don’t need to go on google page and see the google chrome install ad)

In Edge parameters tab, you can choose a light/dark theme, pop up are blocked, Flash is enabled by default, you can select your search engine (bing by default) and you have some services like smartscreen (anti phishing)

Performance and global browsing experience are good to me, unfortunatly I cannot find a way to change/add shortcuts.

7) “Color adaptive” UI
Set a background or a diaporama as a wallpaper and boom your taskbar color change, it’s a pretty cool build-in gadget :)

8) The “tiles-app-widget” thing
For example : in the windows store search for Twitter
add the tile to your start menu
right click > resize > large
Simple and effective

9) Overheat ?
On my Surface (core i3) when watching videos on Youtube or playing HearthStone :/
I cannot say if its win10 or html video/heartstone problem

10) Better sound design
Errors and notifications default sounds are quick and soft

Things I don’t care about for the moment :
> cortana, I don’t want to speak to my computer
> windows store, I prefer to search softwares on the internet
> phone assistant
> one drive, too late I am using another cloud service and I don’t want to manage multiple accounts

I belive that most used windows tools are calculator, contacts, calendar, alarm, cmd and paint but there are other usefull softwares shipped with Windows :)

Problem step recorder, create a zipped-html document whith screenshot and clicks

win + psr

Snipping tool, create screenshot based on a selection

win + sni

Sticky notes, post it

win + sti

HyperV, create virtual machine

win + hyper

Power Shell, better than the classic cmd this shell handle dos/unix command line

win + power

Bitlocker, encrypt drive (hard disk, usb key etc)

win + bitlock

Malicious software removal tool

win + mrt

Windows Defender

win + defe