[Flash 15+]

June 2015

Away3d and Mixamo integration test

[swfobj src=”https://yopsolo.fr/ressources/BlankTemplateGPU-Mixamo.swf” alt=”Animation Flash” width=”800″ height=”600″ wmode=”direct” AllowScriptAccess=”sameDomain” allowfullscreen=”false” bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” required_player_version=”15″]

Adobe acquired Mixamo so I run a test to load mixamo models into Away3D the official Flash 3d Engine.

First thing to know, Away3D don’t support .FBX and don’t plan to support it ; during Flash Online Conference #12 Rob Bateman recommand to use convertion tools.

Away3d offer a partial support for collada, with the current version I was not abe to animate mixamo’s Mutant, so I tried to convert my DAE (collada) model to md5 (doom’s 3 model) with Blender (using a custom script) without success :/

But, this is just the begining I will try different tools and find a way to convert collada to md5 ^^

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