[Flash 9+]

Août 2014

LudumDare 30

[swfobj src=”https://www.yopsolo.fr/ressources/ConnectedWorlds.swf” alt=”Flash Game” width=”640″ height=”480″ class=”flashObject” allowfullscreen=”false” bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” required_player_version=”11″ wmode=”direct”]

Speech time
Theme “Connected worlds” ludum dare #30.

The theme made me think of Feelings and cable mechanic.
So I end up with this game, where you have to find your way to true love, using a rope.

For the ‘big jump’, you may fail but you have to go sincerely ;)

You move with up (jump), down left and right keys
space is for the rope. ( Sorry only one level !)
press M, to toggle music
No Flash ?
If you can’t get it from https://get.adobe.com/fr/flashplayer/ you can still watch the video of the game https://youtu.be/f8GeD-kHvf8

assets, https://www.adobe.com/fr/products/flash.html
code editor, https://www.flashdevelop.org/
sounds, https://www.bfxr.net/
audio, https://www.thinkwithportals.com/music.php


* * *
Change log
– increased the collision range of the heart, ( but you still need to jump to reach it :) )
– changed the compression of the music from 16 Kbits (flash default) to 80 Kbits
– added a pause/resume when game lose focus