Test Match :

For this test i use BuckBunny MP4 video in 1280×720 px

My results with HTML5 videoTag :
Chrome 13.0.782.220 : min 13% up to 33% of CPU
Firefox 6.0 : not working, FF cannot read H.264 video (mp4)
IE 8.0.6001 : not working…

My results with Flash Player 10.3
Chrome 13.0.782.220 : min 10% up to 22% of CPU
Firefox 6.0 : min 8% up to 31% of CPU
IE 8.0.6001 : min 6% up to 36% of CPU

If hardware accelerated, CPU uage is almost the same.
For videoTag, there is no fullscreen, no way to manipulate the stream (buffer, events, etc.) and we are not sure that the video display (no this is not a joke…)

The spec says :
“The canPlayType(type) method must return the empty string if type is a type that the user agent knows it cannot render or is the type “application/octet-stream”; it must return “probably” if the user agent is confident that the type represents a media resource that it can render if used in with this audio or video element; and it must return “maybe” otherwise. Implementors are encouraged to return “maybe” unless the type can be confidently established as being supported or not. Generally, a user agent should never return “probably” for a type that allows the codecs parameter if that parameter is not present.”